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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chocolate recall in the UK -- and in Canada

Cadbury's in the UK has recalled about 1 million
chocolate bars due to potential salmonella contamination (and there are some in Canada as well).

An excerpt from the article:

The company said it had rectified the problem and was withdrawing the products "purely as a precautionary measure."

A spokesman for the Food Standards Agency was cited as saying on Sunday that Cadbury did not tell authorities about the contamination until this week, adding, "We were told on Monday that there was a problem occurring in January and that problem has gone on for a number of weeks before being corrected. We would have expected them to tell us."

Probably not the best example of risk management or risk communication here, though the company states:

"Our responsibility is to look after the welfare of our consumers and I can reassure you that our products are perfectly safe to eat and we have no evidence that anyone has been ill from eating them."

5 Months is a pretty long time.

The rest can be found here: