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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Getting it right matters

It really does, especially when it comes to food safety communication. Below is a press release from a company regarding produce food safety management -- an important topic to some farmers -- and the company gets the info wrong.

The "E. coli H157 virus"???

The product may be great, but it's hard to be credible when you get the target pathogen you are talking about (and professing to have expertise about) wrong. In a press release especially.

Produce Safety & Security International responds to fresh produce industry's concern over the presence of E.coli H157
Produce Safety & Security International, Inc.
Market Wire
Sandler Communications Inc.
Gabe Sandler
PRESCOTT, AZ -- Produce Safety and Security International, Inc (PINKSHEETS: PDSC), ("PDSC"), an ozone and chemical sanitation disinfectant process supplier to the food and medical industries, responds to the fresh produce industry's concern over recent outbreaks of E.coli H157 virus.
The FDA has directed the fresh produce industry to take preventative measures to prevent these outbreaks from occurring; therefore PDSC would like to provide further information concerning its FDA approved Ozone Process.

Click here for the rest of the release.